Connecting with each other and use our own and others stories is one of the lessons in Module 2. The power in story telling is fantastic, but also another way to connect with people’s values and emotions.

I think there’s too little story telling in bigger organisations therefore I try to start with myself and tell my story. Sometimes people don’t understand and starts asking for outcomes and measurable valuables because it  is the only way they know.  After this module I will try to tell sense making and meaningful stories that connect with people’s values and emotions to create action in my organisation.

To make change you´ll have to have a strong network because you can´t do it alone. Helen Bevan talked about the importance of strong ties vs weak ties in your network, I’ll need them both. The strong ties stands for similar people that are on the same platform like you. The weak ties in your network are the people that encourage and help you to build bridges to make a movement towards your dream.

I have to move from my comfort zone more often and understand that it takes and gives energy. So it´s time to create wind in my sails so that I don´t need a engine. Together we can make Changes.

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