Beware; my impact on other people can create resistance! Maybe it’s not my intention but by helping people too much I can take away their ownership in their improvement work.  This is my biggest lesson on module 3 #SHCR.

Module 3 describes how to roll with resistance instead of ignoring it and how to value a “NO” as a strategy. Next time that I get a “NO” I will be curious, embrace it, and start to ask questions. This New Power mind-set in resistance is all about connections and relationships.

To create change, you have to start making sense using people’s emotional connections. That’s why I work with service design thinking in my work with person centred care. The first thing you have to do when you start working with person centred care is finding ways to understand what’s best for the patient. My experience is that service design is the right tool just now to create change in healthcare.

In our county council we ran a project for people with chronical illnesses (see the movie ) with service design tools. I think that the tools helped people to reflect together, build on each other’s ideas, and start a sense of meaning.

school-for-health-and-care-radicals-slides-for-module-three-55-638These are the 5 stages of changes that Helen Bevan told us about. The model shows the different stages that people have to go through when a change starts. Every stage is important and people cannot take a shortcut. Improvement leaders have to understand the different stages of changes and support people were there are. Many of our tools for change are in stage 4 (action) when people often are in stage 1 or 2. In stage 5 you have to support them the most to maintain a change but in this stage we often let them go instead of supporting them more.

Last lesson in this module
If I want to be change, I also have to look after myself and build a strong self-efficiency so that’s my new goal! Have a nice day everybody.

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