Today I started up in a mass movement for improvement. Partisipant today in The school for health care radicals was 299!!! people at the same time oneline all over the World. In the top at this blog you se my drawing about this first model.

I’m filled with energy and love after this session today. You can se it afterword’s at the link

Helen Beven is a fantastic person filled whit power and knowledge.  This first model is about understanding the power in being yourself and the importance of doing change together  for standing out the risk of being a troublemaker instead of a rebel. Fantastic!

Helen describe this five things with change

• Disruptive
• Digital connection
• Work complexity
• Hierarchical power
• Change from the edge

modul 1

Another thing that capture my mind was the transformation from old power vs new power. The new power content shared community built in trust and relationship instead of control.

Looking forward to the next module!

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